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My Whitehouse Trip


So I went took a trip to the Whitehouse hoping that I could get to meet Barcka again and hopefully Michelle too. I was a big supporter of The Obama’s when they started there campaign  trail almost 10 years. As senator he came to a community event and I got meet Barack that was one of the happiest moments in my life.

I was a young twenty something lady who loved the world of politics or so I thought I did but, I really did and still like the Obama’s.

Time went by and Barack got elected for his firs term we were so happy and we had a goal to make the Inauguration Party but, we missed it.

So time went by and it was a second election Barack won again. I had plans to go to that Ingratiation Party but, I missed that one too.

By this time I was determined so I said I must visit the White-house before, they leave office. So what do you know my dream came true and I got to visit  the famous house for my birthday. Going to D.C. was so much fun. I had an amazing time.

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