It’s Not Always about Loyalty

For the most part I like routine I like going to the same stores, salons, and websites. I like to park my car in the same spot clean my house in the same way and talk to the same friends.

Well I always go to this same nail salon and the same lady does my nails and they come off in a week so I go back again get them done over and they come off again in a few days. So I was asking myself why do I come to this salon again and I thought I come to this salon because, this is where all my friends go.

Then one day I just stop into anther salon got my nails done and this time they lasted for over two weeks I said WOW this is a dream come true nails that stay on for longer than 7 days.

In a nutshell if I would of kept on being loyal to the same salon  I would of been having to go back and you know it’s the same thing in relationships. Sometimes we try to keep certain relationship, and jobs together because, they are routine and they keep falling apart.  I believe sometimes GOD wants to break out the box and try something different.

Next time your tempted to go to the same place that give you average service remember what I said and break out the comfort zone and try a new place.

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