Sandra Bland Murder or Suicide


I don’t really know what to think but, I know Waller County and especially these little towns have a history of racism. In 2003 Waller County tried to deny the students at Prairie View A&M a predominately black university the right to vote.

Whether if they was hanging black people from trees, spraying them with firefighter water hoses or letting the K-9 attack them no one can deny the history  it’s documented.

The woman was being singled out for whatever reason by a supposedly trained professional they can’t deny that either it’s on tape. He yelled at her, dragged her out the car, slammed her head into the ground, and tried to break her wrist.

Which brings me to an even bigger question why is that police office  allow to keep  his job. 

Well her stories goes to show even the most educated and successful people can suffer from police brutality. I remember when I was becoming of age the older adults told us how to act if we got stop. They said always told us to say No Sir and Yes Sir and be nice as possible.

In her case I don’t know if that would of work but, I do know that, that woman was probably tired after driving for Chicago to Texas. The officer asked her was she okay because, she looked aggravated in the video. She was smoking a cigarette she could of been stressing, worried, or anything she had ever right to smoke her cigarette. So yes she was probably aggravate after driving all that time it’s a normal attitude to have after driving for thousand of miles.

Just because, you don’t like how someone act or talk doesn’t give you the right to kill them or make the want to kill themselves. Shame on that Police Officer for treating Sandra that way.