America’s Dirty Secret

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America History has always been rooted in racism but, since America has evolved so has it beliefs but, a lot of racists dogmas live on to this day. The shooting in South Carolina historic black church is something that needs to be looked at as a symbol that some people in White America still hates the black culture.

How was it that a young white male who grew up  after the civil rights era in a society where racism is supposedly no longer exist have some many disturbing views against Black Americans. According witness they said the killer said “you are raping our women and taking over the country” before he killed an defenceless church goer. The FBI also said that the killer intention was to start a “Race War.”

The profile is the same a white male goes postal on a mass coward and kill  to be evil.

Will America ever get rid of its racist past, will the politicians continue to let innocent people die by not implementing gun controls laws, and when will America let God back in it’s justice system.

Pray for the victims in South Carolina and pray for the peace of the African Methodist Episcopal.

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