The French Dragon Staring “Alan Delabie

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I’m not trying to be a star I just want to be recognize for my work- Alan Delabie 

Alan Delabie has been in the film  industry for almost a decade and is finally getting the recognition he deserves. A former European Martial Arts Champion and a French Native he is staring in a web series called “The Golden Age.

As of right now he is working on  “The French Dragon” a movie coming to theaters this summer. He has worked with A list celebrities  like “Jean-Claude Van Damme” famous for his role in martial art movies like “Blood Sport.”


Alan said that he isn’t actor with an ego because, being an actor for him is all about achieving his dream the American Dream. He has such a cute accent check out my video with him through Skype on my Youtube Channel and hear his voice.

Lastly, he is such a pleaseant person to talk too he is such a down to earth guy. I wish in much success in the American film indusrty.

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