Surviving The Summer: Part 1

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Summer is here let’s remember to stay hydrated, and cool.

Tip #1 Avoid long periods of being in direct sunlight the sun drains your energy. Do you ever notice how tied you feel when you’re in the sun that’s a symptom of the sun draining your energy.

Tip #2 Drink Water but, drink sport beverages like Gatorade and Powerade too. Water is good for you but, when you’re in the summer weather sport drinks are even better because, they put electrolytes but in your body that get depleted from the high weather temperatures.

Tip # 3 Stay in cool A/C places for example do more inside activities and save the outside activities for later in the day when it’s cooler. Also be sure to dress for the occasion when you outside be sure to put on light airy clothing that can protect you skin and don’t forget your hat.

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