Floyd Mayweather Fight VS Manny Pacquiao


Well it was so buzz surrounding the Mayweather Fight this Saturday. I got to see the action live on TV. I really would of like to have been in Vegas viewing the fight front and center.

It wasn’t what I expect in all honestly I wanted to see someone get knock out. I wanted to see blood, I wanted to see someone fall to the ground and pass out now that would of been a fight. After the fight I made the comment that they need to let them have a street fight. My friend laughed and said yes that would be good.

After the fight I asked my friend how much her husband paid for the fight. She looked at me and said she don’t know but, it was at least $150. I told her to tell her husband to call the cable company and tell them they wanted some of their money back. Floyd is still undefeated but, I wanted to see more action.

I was in a house full of men and women all of the women were at the table talking about child rearing techniques. Some how I got caught up in all the talk about children and miss the fight. I did get to see JayZ and Beyonce looking fabulous as usually.

Well once it was over I like the fact how Floyd gave honor to God that really made me look as his a human being and as object. I think people don’t want to give him his props despite how people may feel about him. He has won 47 fights I mean that is a big accomplishments.

Lastly for all you sports fans or sometime sports fans his next fight will be in September then he is hanging up the boxing gloves. I’m inspired that he is 38 years old and still putting in wroth for a sport that doesn’t have a lot of people in there late 30’s                                      . 11206938_10204549430919132_1807726386725577740_n

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