Baltimore Riots Mother of The Year


Everyone has saw the story of the mom beating her son like a drum on live tv. Was that right some say Yes and some say No. Well some say the Mom is not a hero she is just as worst as the cops. People that I spoke with said it was embarrassing for the mom to whip her child because, he was just standing up for something that he believed in.

Also people that I spoke with went on to say that the mom was an prime example of negative stereotype about black women in America. Them being outargues, over the top, and ignorant. Many say she is a hero according to the mom “she said that she doesn’t want her son to be anther “Freddie Grey” which was an unarmed black man killed in police custody. After his death many young protesters took to the streets rioting and protesting Baltimore Mayor has know called in the 2,000 national guards troops to bring order back to the city.

Let’s remember to keep Baltimore in our Prayers.

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