Speaks Easy Lounge Bar & Grill

I’m like most people on the weekends I like to let my hair down and have some fun. I was invited to the J Paul Jr Concert in Downtown Port Arthur but, honestly I’m really not into the cowboy scene that much. Now I do like urban cowboys I think they are nice to look at however, I’m still a R&B Hip Hop scene type of lady. I will go out and two steps when I’m on my Zydeco mood.

So me and my friend went to the J Paul Jr Concert and when we got there it was a BYOB type of party. That wasn’t working for us because, we had nothing to BYOB. So we rode around the city and stop at “Speak Easy Lounge.” I was so shocked because, when I normally walk to the front entrance they ID me. It’s always a big black man with an attitude demanding to see my ID and he inspects it like it’s a counterfeit  but, this time they did not asked me to see my ID. I was sad.

In all honestly I was offended I like being ID it’s let’s me know I”m still young and sexy and percived as been  being barely legal to others and that gives me the fuel to continue to be a five star chick or whatever the new saying they have for young beautiful woman. LOL

Well so we went in and hung out and had a lot of fun. I was feeling myself I got on the dance floor and did my thing I was dancing like Ciara and Beyonce. I didn’t dance that long my feet was already hurting before I put on my heels it was a miracle that I could even stand since I was standing all day at work at my retail job. The food was super good like always.

This proves that you don’t have to go to Houston, or Las Vegas to have fun you can have fun in your backyard check out my picture of me at Speaks Easy Lounge. Speak Easy Lounge

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