Let Every Voice Be Heard “Coffee with Your Councilman”


Coffee with the Councilman was a very informative meeting about the changes coming to the city by the sea giving citizens a  platform to voice opinions, and concerns about the city.

Port Arthur  new leadership is moving the city forward with progressive ideas.

Charismatic well spoken and a trust worthy family man Derrick Freeman is moving the city into a new direction.

With creative ideas like the “Synegy App” citizen can use this app to report problems immediately like a pot holes in the road, broken traffic lights, and abandoned buildings.  All one has to do is download the App on a smart phone or tablet send in the problem via email and you will get an immediate response from a city worker.  Now I haven’t used it yet but, I heard it works really well.

The city is also having a meeting Tuesday at 5:30 about passing laws so movies can start filming here in Port Arthur which will give the city more revenue and create jobs locally. If you would like to help with this project Derrick is asking people to send pictures to filmfriendlyportarthur@gmail.com so potential movie directors can see what the city looks like.

If you would like to join the next “Coffee With Your Councilman” email him at   derrick.freeman@portarthurtx.gov or call (409) 983-8271.

11071758_1069080263107773_4578375103735720071_o “Pictures Courtesy of Councilman website”

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