Hoping for a Miracle


When someone is crying out for help when is the right time for someone to reach out to them?  If one seems to be on need of an intervention emotionally or spiritually what are family and friends to do. These are questions that many people would like to know when it comes to grief, alleged drug use, and countless other questions surrounding Bobbi Kristina.

The child of music stars Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was found faced down in a bathtub according to all the major news organizations. Her death is similar to her mother Whitney who was found dead in a Beverly Hills Hotel tub in February 2012. Many people are saying the Lifetime Movie about her mom pushed her over the edge and some reports say it was drugs.

Now people are puzzled on what caused this twenty-one year old healthy young woman to go unconscious during a bath.  Reports from websites like TMZ are saying this  woman is brain dead and is in a medically induce comma.

Well the public is in support of Bobbi Kristina and is hoping for a miracle and believing that some how she will survive this ordeal.

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