Still Walking The Walk


We are 1 full month into the new year and the “New Year Resolutions” still should be fresh on everyone mind. Well mine is I”m still on my quest to live a healthier, happier, and productive lifestyle. So I have took action and join the gym and have been making an effort to go every other day. Then again I have been slacking this week so I”m going to pick back up this week and I will do 100 jumping jacks in my living room. As far as health eating I ate a salad today with a burger without the bread just the meat.  I put myself in productive gear today too instead of random web surfing the on my many social media website instead I listen to some business training CD’s. Honesty,  I haven’t been at 100% but, that’s the point I’m trying to make. People don’t have to be perfect to get started  you just have to take baby steps and be persistent.