Legalizing Majurana

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You can go to Colorado and buy marijuana just like you could purchase a  pack of cigarettes.

The feature image at the top of this article is an actual container that an undercover investigator reporter emailed to me. This investigator reporter wants to remain anonymous but, I appreciate this picture he is allowing me to use as a source.

This reporter and his sources told me was “that you can go into a weed retail shop pick out they type of cannabis you want, show your identification card proving your a legal adult and walk out with the drug in your possession” it’s that simple.

Never in a million years would people  believed that something illegal and frowned  upon could become legal in America.  Growing up in  the era of former first lady “Nancy Reagan” and remembering her “Just Say No” slogan daily at school and on tv commercials it’s mind boggling to many people how weed is now becoming main stream like a cocktail at happy hour. With the legalization of this drug brings up new serious questions like the ones below.

What do Parents, Community Leaders, Educators, tell kids about the drugs now 

Is this opening the door to legalize other street drugs like cocaine, heroin, and PCP 

Will previous offenders who are currently incarcerated or on probation  for using or selling  marijuana be release or have reduce sentences   

Are their going to be guideline  implemented by the FDA, to protect consumer and the public from over doses  

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